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While similar in scope to Shark Tank, America's Real Deal allows the viewing audience (not the Sharks) to buy products and invest in the contestants’ businesses for as little as $100 per investment.
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What Is America's Real Deal?
We Film Entrepreneurs at Regional Pitch Events
These events give entrepreneurs the opportunity to network, practice their pitches, and meet internationally-recognized business owners and celebrities. 
We Help Business Owners Sell Products & Raise Capital
Participating businesses can sell their products and raise equity capital through our affiliates' equity crowdfunding platform. Whether you need $50,000 or a million dollars, we can help.
We Provide National Exposure Through Our Show
Last, but not least, with tons of footage shot at the regional events along with in-depth, on-location backstories, America's Real Deal is poised to share your company with the world.
Raise Equity Capital with ISM
America's Real Deal has partnered with ISM, a new private and public stock marketplace where qualified business owners (including start-ups) receive coaching and consulting services along with an online funding platform where they can raise debt-free capital by selling a small portion of the equity in their businesses, without losing control of day-to-day operations. 
With ISM, people invest in people. The expectation is for participants to make long-term investments in the business owners and the companies in which they are investing. This is the future of funding!

Gain access to our strategic partners who will help take your business to the next level.
Let us introduce you to the world with targeted marketing & a professionally created video.
Immediately sell your products to our followers using our slick eCommerce platform.
Achieve your three year plan in one year using our exclusive accelerated growth system.
Receive international recognition for your company on our interactive show.
Raise a million dollars a year (year-after-year) from the crowd in debt-free equity capital.
What people involved with America's Real Deal and the Independent Stock Market are saying: 
America's Real Deal brings hope back to America, providing a new vehicle for entrepreneurs and investors.

Business owners receive the opportunity to raise debt-free capital and gain national exposure through our entertaining, interactive TV show. The American dream is alive and well.
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Private and public investments are risky.
Investors should be prepared to lose all of the money invested.

DISCLOSURES: America's Real Deal is a show created for entertainment purposes only. 
Neither America's Real Deal nor ISM is a Broker/Dealer, SEC Regulated Funding Portal or Stock Exchange and they do not receive a percentage of capital raised or any success fees.
ISM has strategic partners that fulfill these important roles.

FINANCIAL DISCLAIMER: Neither ISM, America's Real Deal nor ISM Club nor any of its affiliates make any claims, guarantees of profits or earnings or even the return of investments. Every investment introduced is a high risk investment and investment club members should only invest what they can afford to lose. ISM nor its officers, directors, marketing team, staff, members, or club owners, receive any commissions or other income from the purchasing or selling of stock. Only ISM's funding portal partners receive any percentage of the buying or selling of stock. ISM is not a equity crowdfunding portal. Users of this site agree to read and agree to the Terms & Conditions found herein.